• Report cheaters/hackers how to record a demo and then upload

    How to record/make a demo:

    1) Join the spectator team by pressing "M" and choose number "6" which is "Spectate".

    2) By pressing "Ctrl" or "Space" choose the camera to be "First Person" mode.

    3) Choose the person you want to spectate by pressing mouse left/right click.

    4) Open your console by pressing ' (the button below esc) and type: record "demoname" (The name should be without quotes).

    5) When you want to stop recording, open your console again and type: "stop" (Without quotes).

    6) The demo file will be automatically saved in your cstrike folder.

    There are 2 ways to play a demo:
    • The "playdemo" command which simply plays the demo:

    playdemo "demoname" (Without quotes)

    • The "viewdemo" command which has more options like: pause, increase/decreas speed, stop, change demo file, etc.

    viewdemo "demoname" (Without quotes)

    How to find a demo:

    1) Steam:
    C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/<UserName>/counter-strike/cstrike

    2) Non Steam:
    C:/Program Files/Counter Strike 1.6/cstrike

    How to upload a demo to report in forum:

    Upload your demo files in the following websites:

    Once uploaded, go to
    Report Cheaters/Hackers section and post a new thread. Follow this format please, and then paste the file url in your report.