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    How to Record and Upload a Demo


    Demo is like a video recorded inside Counter-Strike, if you play it will record you playing and if you spec a player it will record the player you are spectating, that way you can record a cheater for example, and use the demo as a proof.

    How to Record Cheaters/Hackers

    1) Join the spectator team by pressing M and choose number 6 which is "Spectate", or type in chat

    2) By pressing Ctrl or Space choose the camera to be "First Person" mode.

    3) Choose the person you want to spectate by pressing mouse left/right click by using ctrl

    4) Open your console by pressing the button below Esc and type:
    record <name of the demo> (The name cannot have spaces. Example: instead of record adam wallhacker type record adamwallhacker).

    5) When you want to stop recording, open your console again and type

    6) The demo file will be automatically saved in your cstrike folder.

    Where are Located the Demos


    C:/Program Files or Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Half-Life/cstrike

    Non Steam:
    The game folder varies cuz theres a lot of different nom-steam cs...Right click in the game shortcut and click on "Open file location", then click on cstrike.

    How to Upload a Demo to Report in Forum

    Upload your demo files in the following websites:

    Once uploaded, go to
    Report Cheaters/Hackers section and post a new thread using this format, and then paste the file url in your report.

    How to Play/Watch a Demo

    If you want to watch a demo that another person recorded, download the demo and put into cstrike folder, that is inside Counter-Strike folder (take a look above if you don't know wheres your Counter Strike folder).

    After put the demo inside cstrike go in the game and use one of the following methods:

    1) The
    playdemo command that simply plays the demo
    Type in console
    playdemo <name of the demo>

    2) The
    viewdemo command that has more options like: pause, increase/decreas speed, stop, change demo file, etc.

    Type in console
    viewdemo <name of the demo>

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