Hi every body

In the past a lot of bullshit just happened.
we have received enough complaints about JB and its the time to stop this and take action.

this warning is for all admins of the JB server and you must read this and pay attention

* Any admin fighting with another admin in the server or doing unacceptable behaviors like that will be instantly demoted. This position is not for children.

* All of our JB admins must pay attention to the players and listen to them and help them as well. For example : if some body got free killed and the admins were online just laughing & watching not paying attention to the player , <--- this is not acceptable.
Admins must do their jobs if they are not doing their job correctly they will be instantly demoted

* Admins are the face of our community and letting you guys know that from now on we will be very strict on our admins especially the people who are applying for the position and the new trials meeting the requirements
http://lgkclan.com/showthread.php?91...or-trial-adminis not always enough to be accepted

we are doing this for us for you and me and every body else who loves JB and care about it so the point of this all of the admins must work together beside each other helping each other and not making noise talking over chief just watching and not even paying attention to the players so please watch out and be more responsible.