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Thread: [Buy] HNS VIP

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    [Buy] HNS VIP

    For the first month of HNS VIP being sold, the starting price will be $5

    After the first month, the price will be $10 So get it while it's cheap!

    What exactly does HNS VIP offer?

    VIP offers several different features for the person with VIP. Everyone with VIP gets 2x experience for the /exp, offering up to 4x experience for double exp events!

    VIP also receive:
    -10% off all shop items (As well as 20 experience in shop instead of 10 due to double experience)
    - Danger Meter for T. (Danger meter starts showing an on screen message that pops up when CTs come near)
    - Invisible on danger meter to other VIPs if you're a CT.
    - 10 seconds of chicken model per round to make yourself harder to hit and spot
    - 2.5 seconds of invincibility per round (Immune to all forms of damage)
    - 1 random buff per map. (This can either be any of the buffs, 50 experience, or death.)
    - 3 uses of 10 seconds of one shot knife per map
    - 3 uses of a 2 bullet knockback scout. (This scout does no damage, it only pushes people back from a certain distance. You have to be pretty close to the person for it to work.)

    VIP also currently can choose from four different models. (More will possibly be added as per request of VIPs.)
    - Pepe the Frog
    - Catwoman (My personal favorite. You'll understand when you see it.)
    - Neo from the Matrix
    - Sonic
    (Screenshots will be added when I can figure out how.)
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