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    Post RESOURCE- Graffiti.Wad (CS 1.6 Custom Decal WAD)

    All RESOURCE DOWNLOADS ARE CHECKED FOR QUALITY and have content verified for INSTANT download from
    Private webspace
    Never have to worry if the files are real or what the site is going to Install all Files Should start downloading instantly Contact me at
    with any problems
    Resource Thread /Mapping/CounterStrike 1.6
    About I am very proud of this wad and I really only used it a couple times i was tired of no good way to do graffiti in 1.6 so i say there for a couple days and cut these out the pictures in the post are all taken in the editor they do look better in game but this will have to do ill try and get pictures from the map i made for @MachOMan but i spent a wile trying to get these all working so i hope u enjoy them
    Credit The graffiti was found on google and sorry but i don't have any type of real authors i tried to collect them but it got rediculous trying to weed out the fakes so i just gave up and put them out anyway
    Credit I croped and took the time to get the alpha layers right and not all are perfect but for the most part they are spot on
    Download Graf.Wad (4.08mb)
    Note; Some Images BelowThere are more than are shown here not many but there's more than i got screenshots of
    Alpha Transparency Using Func_wall Or func_illusionary when tied to an entity (CTRL +T) you can set the render mode to "SOLID" and the FX to "255" to display with alpha transparent
    Youtube Video Textures Used In This Map (Youtube Video)and This Map (Youtube Video)

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    built to be used on forums and blogs

    HELP ?

    always trying to find ppl to be part of the team will always help
    anyone out lets build something epic contact me if u need help with
    something or if you have some time and want to be
    part of a project/ have a project u want to start


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