What is Func_Rotating ?

Its an entity in the game that can rotate. it can be triggered or be automatically on from the start

What can Func_Rotating be used for ?

there is no real easy answer here i mean u could make doors with it but there is a entity just for that this one i feel is more for building up your map things in the map that help tell the story

How do you build Func_Rotating ?

Step 1 Build the thing you want to rotate
step 2 add the origin

in textures select this one
(this is your ceneter point this is where it spins so be sure to get the center)

select both objects and press

then select
step 3 not set up the func_rotating
step 4 what are the 3 axes it can spin on ?
this still confuses the fuck out of me every time

By default your on Z=