Making Textures

You Need
Photo Editing Program anything that can do basic editing

Part 1 (Photo Editor)
Step 1
Start your texture you must pick a size
For More Info See LINK
Step 2
Go ahead now and make your texture

Set the background 0 0 255 for a transparent texture
Step 3 now save it your going to want to save it as a bitmap 8bit

Part 2 (Wally)
Step 1 open up wally

then you are going to load your bmp and it will look like this

Step 2 Next your going to edit the color pallet in the top menu your going to click

here your going to set the last one to
255 0 0 255
where its located
Step 3 now your going to get your bucket out on left menu click it

pick the blue you made and paint all the texture u want transparent
Step 4 now we need to go fix the name

right click on the file your editing

this will pop up

different names have diff effects