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    Spectating Inside Team Tutorial

    There's a technique which allows anyone on the server to `` spectate `` without hopping into spectators !

    Cheaters often leave the server / turn off their hacks seeing an Admin in Spec ( Especially with LgK tag hehe ).. Using this method, they won't ! Or let's say, it reduces their chance of running away

    How to spectate inside team ? 2 simple steps :
    Set your menus to oLd style and not vgui ( In options )
    - While being on a team, press M " select team button ", choose any of the teams, but don't choose the skin.

    And that's all, spectate as long as you want !

    NB: The skins might bother, but that's not really a big deal.. They don't bother like the ESP Admin Spectator's useless details do...

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