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    Bunny report 2 i guess

    Date of hurtfullness : 12/6/18
    Time : 11:11
    What caused the butthurt? : Got shot in the anus without justification
    Was a tissue needed for the tears? : No but a tampon for all the blood tho.
    Will you be able to move past it? : Bruh I can barely walk, reminds me of my vacation with my uncle.
    Reason for filing the report: I WANT MY MOMMY !

    On a serious note

    Your In-Game name: Nukular Bunny
    Your Valveid/Steamid: Too lazy , I'll give it to u if needed
    Offender's In-Game name: AkDiamondMiners
    Offender's Valveid/Steamid:AkDiamondMiners" 13 STEAM_0:1:155873623 8 08:44 127 0

    What happened?: umm, he did have a mic but he Freekills ppl
    Date of the incident: Today It was jail humour if my demo isnt enough. The time is 11:40 IST or GMT 5:30 +
    HLTV Demo / other proof?:

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    First of all i'd like to say Thanks for your report , I have seen the demo and i don't really know this guy "AKDiamondMiner" That much but he seemed like a good person to me , and Yes @NuclearBunny this demo is enough.. After watching the demo i completely changed my mind about this guy , At the start of the demo he was acting normal calling the days while you were afk , but he was also going inside the cells before 7:30 and wasn't afk checking , nothing big people make mistakes but like before the demo was going to end in a few minutes , he stopped talking in his microphone started freekilling , trolling , Not calling the days just starting random freedays and tazing players inside the cage for no reason , he freekilled a lot of people especially when you won LR He Killed you for no reason , then he was starting round games without countdown or anything , I really don't know if that is him maybe someone else came play instead of him but i have to make the prohibition anyway.

    AKDiamondMiners Will have a 2 week CT Suspension For Breaking all the rules there are , Freekilling , Going inside the cells before 7:30 , Not calling the days , Killing players on LR For no reason , Starting freedays , Starting roundgame without any countdown , he broke a lot of rules here , that's why it's a 2 week suspension.



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