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Thread: server changes

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    server changes

    I don't expect any changes to be implemented so don't worry about having, I'm guessing, yet another debate. But these things have just been on my mind.


    Strongly disagree with this being a thing. Players should never be rewarded for what is normally a mistake. As for this argument being used for team flashes... there's just way too many players. I don't really play in iR anymore because it got so tiring dodging so many team flashes. Anti self-flash also creates way too much of an advantage for good players in most small number situations.

    Flash duds
    I actually haven't seen this until this past year or so or at least this many duds. I'm guessing self-flash may have something to do with it? But I'm not a programmer or anything so I have no idea. This really needs to be fixed because again it gives good players way more of an advantage when fortuitously not being flashed than it does to worse players. Also players should be rewarded for flashing enemies not the other way around.

    Damage Indicator

    I don't know the arguments for having this on so people who love it should reply. It's not the biggest deal because honestly I still whiff a ton of bullets just fishing for a hit. But still, this helps good players way more than it could help a worse player learn a spam spot or anything like that. Worse players won't know where to fish for spams or really how or when to use it anyways. Even when they get hit, they usually have no clue where they're getting spammed from so this doesn't really help them in that area either. The biggest offender is basically giving good players wallhack, especially when paired with dropped nades. More on this below.

    CS:GO mod
    Or dropped nades. A lot of the time I purposely skip over the drops because it's just too much. This gives good players wallhack paired with damage indicator. If I nade closet spam from t spawn and it does mid to high 10s in damage, I know somebody is closet. If I'm trying to retake B and nade DD, 30+ damage lets me know slanted box, dd gay, or dd entrance, around 10 damage lets me know it's most likely pocket, and anything else doesn't really matter because they're probably moving off anyways or awping dd gap. I can do this for other spots, but you get the point. It's just way too much information pretty much all the time if you want to hunt for dropped nades. Worse players don't know this and again it's just way too much of an advantage for good players. With flashes, good players can basically assault any area much more safely than worse players with impunity. Another big thing is worse players waste so much time already, but once they see a graveyard of dropped nades, they usually completely stop and start picking up and trying to throw them everywhere needlessly. It's kind of funny, but still...

    The worst is CTs being able to move the bomb wherever they want. Haven't seen one person being banned for moving it or even moving it to unreachable places.

    Spawn Timer
    CT spawn timer should not be a thing on D2. I have no idea if there's a T only spawn timer mod, if not then whatever, but just saying. People who complain about CT spawn campers on D2 are just... dumb. It's literally on a bombsite, able to watch over both sites, the focal point of almost all CT rotations on D2, and is the entire reason map advantage at mid (the most important area in most 1.6 maps) switches from T to CT on D2.

    Current Mods
    Pretty much everything else I agree with.

    Additional Mods
    Nade spam - haven't seen one person being banned for this and tons of people exploit this so just put in the mod.

    I don't really care that much because you admins already do a ton of spectating and I really appreciate that. Also, I'm not going to do it and I'm willing to bet most other people won't so again thank you. But just slay campers, please. All I ever see are warnings. Just slay. They're not going to realistically do objective anyways. Maybe walk the entire way or walk/run the longest route while intermittently stopping to camp then get slayed by timer anyways, which is like dying to the starting info npc in a mmo btw. Just slay, rocket, bury, uberslap, whatever. It's fun playing god anyways. Just do it. Please.

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    self flashes- idk why this was a thing that got installed after the change in server location, but i do indeed agree with this, right now flash bangs are so op. (the only place where i found this useful is for cts to push out long a door to kill t spawn campers but yet again, ur a ct why are u rushing t spawn)

    idk what flash duds is since i never really experienced it

    dmg indicator- personally i like it just to see if i hit someone when i try to wallbang, i dont really know what kind of advantage it gives since everyone has it, also i believe this has been here before the server changed location so i dont want to change up the regular's way of playing

    dropped weapons- if ct shoots the bomb out of map they are supposed to get slayed and if he continues to do so he will be banned

    spawn timer- thats actually a camp zone and i totally agree that it doesnt make sense for cts to have a camp timer when the bomb isnt planted

    nade spam- shady said he doesnt have a good plugin for this right now so hes not going to touch it :/

    slay- this varies between admins since some are more lenient with the slays while some are not, or sometimes the admin is just not paying attention which i understand but admins if there are players complaining do your job

    now in your post i see that you are saying theres some mods/plugins that gives an advantage to the higher skilled players compared to lower skilled, personally i feel like the advantage is there, it your job to learn how to use them and move from low skill to high skill, thats just how a game works, i dont feel like it right for the people whos been playing for a long time figuring out how these things work and then just removing them because its making lower skilled/newer players who hasnt played as long or simply dont know these advantages exist feel bad

    thats my opinions, but yet again the server is not for me but everyone so feel free to put in your thoughts dd2 admins and regulars
    majority wins
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